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How to improve the use effect of cooling tower cooling system? -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-27
Radiator: The key part of the cooling equipment, the small tower usually uses PVC board for heat or heat absorption, the large tower will use wood, air and water to contact the surface with the main purpose of not affecting the wind resistance, the bigger the better, the maximum heat exchange rate value, the two parameters of the heat transfer effect, mainly the shape and height of the heat dissipation chip is installed in the water tower, the radiator can not be damaged, so that the radiator can not flow smoothly. Fan air volume: It mainly accelerates the tower air volume, accelerates the heat exchange between air and water, and takes away heat. The influence of the fan volume is mainly the shape of the blade, that is, the width and length of the blade, the deflection angle of the blade, the speed of the blade, the installation angle, the speed, the motor and the transmission ratio. In addition, under the condition of a certain air volume, the cooling effect of the same type of tower is less than that of cooling water, and the cooling effect is better. Keeping cooling equipment healthy is a major aspect of improving economics. It has great economic value in reducing maintenance costs, reducing the impact of maintenance cycles, and improving cooling efficiency. Care should be taken to prevent frost damage in cold and cold regions. In order to reduce the cost of make-up water and water quality treatment, the circulating water of large power plants is larger. 1-5% need cooling water. The 300,000-kilowatt generator set is about 50,000 tons/hour, and the supplementary water can reach 500-2500 tons/hour in closed loop. Therefore, it is of certain value to reasonably determine the operation mode and water quality treatment method of water saving and water saving.
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