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How to maintain the round cooling tower in summer

by:Kehua     2022-09-28
Summer is here, and hot and rainy conditions are coming. In order to avoid the water temperature difference and acid rain corrosion of the circular cooling equipment in summer, the following manufacturers will share with you how to maintain the circular cooling tower in summer: 1. Clean the inlet/outlet of the equipment. The equipment runs outdoors for a long time, and regular maintenance checks are required. Air outlet, clear where the air inlet/outlet mesh is blocked. 2. Check the sprinkler head water distribution The circular cooling tower generally uses sprinkler head water distribution. If the nozzles in the cooling tower are partially blocked, or the nozzles fall off, it will cause uneven water distribution. 3. Pay attention to the water replenishment of the circular cooling tower in summer. The temperature rises in summer, and the evaporation of spray water is slightly higher than that in winter. Regularly check the water tank and replenish water. 4. Damaged packing If there is a lot of rain, it is recommended to replace the lower spray water to prevent the coil from being corroded by rain. Lingyan is an enterprise engaged in the sales of cooling towers and water pumps. It is a Kehua cooling equipment manufacturer and a cooling equipment manufacturer. If you do not understand anything, please feel free to contact the manufacturer.
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