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How to properly clean a large circular cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-28
After a large circular cooling equipment runs for a period of time, there will be a lot of accumulation of impurities and pollutants, which will seriously lead to blockage. Therefore, the cooling equipment manufacturer will show you how to properly clean the large circular cooling equipment: 1. Chemical cleaning method Chemical The method adopts a degradable cleaning agent and a new cleaning process, which has no corrosion to the equipment, complete descaling, no corrosion damage to the metal, safe and non-toxic, neutral cleaning, and no pollution to the environment. In addition, adding a corrosion inhibitor can greatly extend the service life of the invisible metal and greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the invisible metal. 2. Physical cleaning method Use mechanical tools, vibration and solvent to make the surface coating fall off. For example, use a drill to dredge the spray pipes, nozzles, etc., and ultrasonically remove the dirt on the transmission parts. 3. The pipe cleaning method mainly relies on the back pressure as the power to push the propeller forward in the pipe, so as to remove the fouling and other dirt accumulated in the pipe from the outside of the pipe. 4. Air blasting method Air blasting technology uses shock waves generated by independent vibration sources to act on the sediment. It also saves electricity and natural resources. Air blast cleaning technology can completely clean any hardness scale in pipelines and grooves. When cleaning, just put the air bomb in and let it work. Driven by the reaction force generated by the exhaust, the pneumatic bomb moves independently on the surface of the cleaning object. The pneumatic bomb should be placed in the liquid, and the air-filled water increases the transport capacity of the water flow, thereby removing the waste. 5. High-pressure water jet cleaning method The high-pressure water jet cleaning technology achieves the purpose of descaling through the impact, cavitation, grinding and cutting of the surface of the object by the water jet. It has no corrosion to equipment, high cleaning efficiency and energy saving.
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