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How to Protect Your Cooling Tower from Freeze

by:Kehua     2022-09-27
1. Antifreeze of spray system: In closed cooling towers, spray system and water circulation system are more easily affected by low temperature, because this is used in cold winter, we generally need to adopt electric heating treatment method. Moreover, the facility operation is carried out within a specially designated temperature range. 2. Antifreeze in the internal circulating water area: Electric heating can be used as appropriate, but we use silica to add glycol solution in water to implement antifreeze as much as possible. 3. In the case of different or long-term shutdowns, it is necessary to use the pressure compression of air and atmosphere to drain the water neatly. Our Kehua cooling equipment manufacturer has been selling Kehua round cooling towers and square cooling towers, with complete models, excellent performance and low prices. Please call us anytime if you need it.​
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