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How to Reduce the Vibration Sound of a Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-27
One of the reasons for the vibration of the cooling equipment is the abnormal operation of the fan, and it may also be caused by the short circuit of the motor. For example, electromagnetic vibration, the tilt of the fan blades may cause mechanical vibration, and the structural components of the cooling tower itself may be damaged. Abnormal vibration. Example: Severe vibration may cause damage to the device. The impact on the surrounding and the environment is not small, and the noise will make people feel restless and irritable. Cooling towers provide great convenience for our industrial production. However, the noise and vibration generated by the cooling equipment cannot be underestimated. We only need to select and arrange reasonably and take appropriate and appropriate protective measures. , to minimize its negative impact. Lingyan is a Kehua cooling equipment manufacturer and a cooling tower manufacturer. It is engaged in the sales of cooling towers and water pumps. If you need it, please call us.
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