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How to repair a forge heating furnace?

by:Kehua     2022-08-01
The forging furnace is the basic heating equipment for heating the forging material in the forging workshop. However, no matter what equipment is used for a long time, it needs to be repaired. Next, the editor will take netizens to understand how to repair the forging heating furnace, hoping to help netizens! The special needs of the inductor in the fine casting heating furnace: 1. The shape of the induction coil should be based on the shape of the workpiece heating surface. Certainly. 2. No residual iron filings are allowed on the quenched surface of the workpiece. 3. The gap between the workpiece and the induction coil should be controlled at 1-3mm. Forging furnace 4. The size and positioning surface of the quenching surface of the workpiece must meet the requirements of the process, otherwise the sensor will be damaged. 5. Clean and wipe the working surface of the useful circle in time. In particular, the side of the magnetizer will absorb a lot of iron powder, and it will form a hard shell when it adheres to the oil. 6. Regularly check the useful circle scale: Check it regularly with molds, etc., and correct it in time if it is found to be out of tolerance. How to repair a forging furnace? (1) The hot repair of the furnace top is the most complicated. When the crack on the top of the furnace is on fire, the dry refractory mud can be poured directly on the top of the furnace, and it can be spread evenly and tightly. When bricks are partially dropped on the top of the furnace, two layers of asbestos boards can be covered on the openings, and a layer of dry refractory mud with a thickness of about 50mm is laid on the edges of the corresponding openings, spread evenly, and then covered with a layer of large slabs. At this time, the asbestos plate in contact with the flame is gradually burned, but the refractory mud can seal the top of the furnace, so that no fire occurs, and generally can maintain a long time of production. When there are not many bricks from the top of the furnace, and the cracks are not large and regular, the same wedge-shaped bricks can be dropped, tied together with iron wires, and then plugged on the cracks, which can also achieve better results. When the roof of the furnace is seriously damaged and must be repaired urgently, first reduce or stop the supply of fuel, reduce the temperature of the furnace, then cover the crack with a steel plate with a thickness of 2mm to 3mm, and then spread a layer of sand with a thickness of 100mm on the steel plate, so that the Sustain a shift in production. Forging furnace When hot repairing the furnace roof, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the hot furnace roof to operate. (2) When the furnace wall is repaired urgently, the Shanghai shell steel plate at the damaged part can be cut off, and the furnace temperature can be lowered slightly or the damaged part can be repaired by means of a fire baffle. When repairing the furnace wall, a long-handled shovel and long-handled pliers can be used. When the nozzle brick is burned out and seriously threatens the normal operation of the furnace, heat exchange can also be carried out. Remove the nozzle plate and observe whether there is deformation around the nozzle block. If the upper part of the brick is sunk, you can cut the corresponding part of the new nozzle brick of the same specification according to the situation of the sag, and smear the mud around it. After taking out the old brick, carefully push it in and replace it. (3) When the bottom of the semi-continuous heating furnace is seriously uneven and it is impossible to push the material to maintain production, the bottom bricks of the furnace can be loosened by hitting them with a hanging hammer. . The above is the relevant information of the forging heating furnace brought by the editor to the majority of netizens. I believe that netizens who need it will know how to repair the forging heating furnace after reading it!
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