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How to set the air volume of the cooling tower? -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-24
The air volume of the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower is determined according to the thermal calculation, and the wind speed in the new tower is determined according to experience. The larger the wind speed, the smaller the area of ​​the tower, but the higher the resistance, the higher the power cost of the machine; Film type packing, the general wind speed is within 2^-3m/s. If the tower type has been determined, the wind speed can be determined according to the air volume and the tower area. According to the wind speed and resistance coefficient, the resistance loss through the FRP cooling equipment can be calculated. With the air volume and resistance loss, the fan can be initially selected. For large fans, the operating point of the fan needs to be calculated, and the motor power is calculated based on the air volume and wind pressure at the operating point. The purpose of aerodynamic calculation is to select the fan well, or to check whether the selected fan meets the requirements. Only when the air volume and air pressure of various fans are within a certain range, can the fan operate in the high-efficiency area. If According to the designed air volume, the total resistance in the tower is less than or slightly larger than the resistance of the fan under the air volume. Sometimes it can be used by adjusting the angle of the fan blade. If the difference is large, the fan should be re-selected, or the resistance of each part in the tower should be adjusted. The resistance in the tower is mainly composed of the following 10 parts: air inlet, air guide device, air flow into the water filling, sudden contraction of the water filling inlet, water filling, sudden expansion of the water filling outlet, water distribution device, water eliminator, Fan inlet and fan duct outlet. At present, except for some measured data on the resistance of the sprinkler packing and the eliminator, there is little actual measured data for the rest, and most of them are separate test data, and the mutual influence of the resistance of each component in the tower is not considered.
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