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How to solve industrial cooling tower pollution

by:Kehua     2022-09-26
With the continuous development of the industry, many industrial enterprises have occupational hazards, and the pollution of industrial cooling towers is also a situation that is very difficult to remove from the root. Therefore, in order to reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment, improve the work efficiency and the health of the staff, the following cooling equipment manufacturers will introduce the methods to solve the pollution of industrial cooling towers. By adding an air-cooled heat exchange device to the air chamber of the industrial cooling tower, the cooling of circulating water in the air-cooled heat exchange device does not produce water evaporation. Compared with conventional cooling towers, the average annual water saving rate is 15~20%: we also By adding silencers such as air inlet mufflers and exhaust port mufflers, through reasonable design and the use of hydrodynamic fan technology, the high return water head can be reasonably and effectively utilized. Through automatic control and adjustment, according to different seasons and ambient temperatures, the wind turbines of the cooling tower group can be effectively controlled to achieve the purpose of intelligent control and energy saving. Lingyan is a square cooling equipment manufacturer, Kehua cooling equipment manufacturer and cooling tower manufacturer, specializing in the production of circular cooling towers, square cooling towers and water pumps. Beautiful and durable.​
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