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by:Kehua     2022-07-28
Induction heating Induction heating is a technology that can Kehua, because of its clean and reliable, widely used in industrial and civil fields. In the civilian area, the most known is the induction cooker. Compared with ordinary stoves, induction cookers have the advantages of fast heating speed, energy saving and environmental protection, and high safety, and are deeply loved by people. The professional induction heating power supply equipment aims to design a thermal insulation induction cooker with a continuous output power range of 500W-1000W, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the commonly used inverter topologies for induction cookers, and compares them. According to the design requirements, the thermal insulation induction cooker topology suitable for this power range is obtained. Quasi-resonant ZVS single-tube inverter. The quasi-resonant ZVS single-tube inverter is usually controlled by a self-excited oscillation circuit. For the IGBT non-zero voltage switching (ZeroVoltageSwitching, ZVS) that exists in the currently commonly used low-cost single-tube induction heating power supply, the capacitance pulse ramp rate (du/dt) Large, IGBT loss increases and other defects. Hunan Induction Heating Equipment Technical Use The utility model relates to a super audio frequency electromagnetic induction heating device, in particular to a non-ferromagnetic metal super audio frequency electromagnetic induction heating device. Induction heating power supply equipment The household induction cooker adopts the heating principle of magnetic field induced current (also known as eddy current), that is, the rectifier circuit converts 50Hz/60Hz alternating current into direct current voltage, and then the direct current is converted into super audio alternating current with a frequency of 40kHz through the control circuit , through the helical magnetic induction coil to form a super audio frequency alternating magnetic field. When the magnetic field lines in the magnetic field pass through the bottom of the metal vessel, alternating currents (ie eddy currents) are generated in the body. The eddy currents make the atoms of the cookware move at high speed and irregularly. converted to heat). Because the household induction cooker relies on direct induction at the bottom of the pot. High-frequency induction heating power supplies generally use resonant soft-switching control, which can greatly reduce IGBT switching losses and achieve automatic tracking of the resonant frequency. Some products of Hunan induction heating power supply equipment do not have an IGBT chopper circuit on the DC side, which is a soft-on and hard-off circuit, or a buffered hard-off circuit. The turn-off loss of such a circuit is large, and it is easy to leave the soft-switching state. After adopting the DC side IGBT chopper circuit, complete soft turn-on and soft turn-off can be achieved, and both turn-on loss and turn-off loss are reduced to a minimum. The traditional control circuit uses a phase-locked loop to track the resonant frequency of the system, but when the resonant frequency is high, the discrete parameters that affect the frequency tracking are prominent. increase, which will lead to IGBT damage in severe cases. Therefore, improving the control accuracy is a prerequisite for ensuring the safe operation of IGBTs. Heating principle Hunan induction heating equipment induction heating is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, using the heat generated by the eddy current in the workpiece to heat the workpiece. Due to the advantages of high efficiency, high speed, good controllability, easy realization of high temperature and local heating, and easy realization of mechanization and automation, induction heating has been widely used in industries such as melting, casting, pipe bending, hot forging, welding and surface heat treatment. . 2. The basic structure of induction heating power supply With the development of power electronics and power semiconductor devices, the topological structure of induction heating power supply has been continuously improved, and a fixed AC/DC/Ac conversion form has been formed, which is generally composed of rectifiers and filters. , inverter and some control and protection circuits. Emerging heating technology Electromagnetic heating is an emerging heating technology. It is a technology developed on the basis of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction and an application form of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The heating device manufactured with electromagnetic heating technology as the core is the so-called electromagnetic heater on the current market. In recent years, electromagnetic heaters have been widely used in industrial and civil fields, giving birth to countless equipment manufacturers. But for most people, the electromagnetic heater is still a very 'mysterious' and 'mysterious' thing. How does this unknown new thing work and what parts are it composed of? The answer Just below. No matter how complex things can be broken down into simple parts, electromagnetic heaters are no exception. Professional induction heating power supply equipment can be divided into four parts according to its functions: rectification system, heating system, cooling system and control system. Hunan induction heating equipment It turns out that the heating method of microwave ovens commonly used in our daily life is induction heating. And induction heating is also a Kehua technology, which is not only efficient but also energy-saving, which is really good.
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