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Important devices in the structure of the square cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-22
The square cooling tower functions as a whole under the cooperation of multiple structures. In addition to the important structures such as water spray packing and water distribution system ventilation equipment, there are also important structures such as air distribution devices, ventilators and water storage devices. device. The following cooling tower manufacturers will introduce to you. The air distribution device in the square cooling equipment is used to guide the air to be evenly distributed on the entire section of the cooling tower by using the air inlets, shutters and air guides, and lay the foundation for the subsequent cooling and cooling treatment. The function of the ventilator is to create good aerodynamic conditions, reduce ventilation resistance, and send the hot and humid air discharged from the cooling equipment to a high altitude to reduce the return of hot and humid air. The water eliminator is responsible for separating the water droplets carried in the exhausted hot and humid air from the air, reducing the loss of escaping water and the impact on the surrounding environment. There are many devices that play an important role in the square cooling tower structure. It is with the cooperation of its various structures and many devices that the equipment can play a role in cooling.
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