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Induction cooker melting gold content introduction to take you to understand melting gold-Youzao gold melting furnace

by:Kehua     2022-07-17
Do you know the gold melting process? Next, let your friends follow us to understand the content of the induction cooker gold melting. The following content will definitely give you a deeper understanding of the gold melting process. The introduction is as described below. Don't be stingy with your own time to learn. Induction cooker melting gold 1. Induction cooker Induction cooker is also known as induction cooker. In 1957, the first household induction cooker was born in Germany. In 1972, the United States began to produce induction cookers, and in the early 1980s, induction cookers began to sell well in Europe, America and Japan. The principle of induction cooker is magnetic field induction eddy current heating. That is, the use of current through the coil to generate a magnetic field, when the magnetic field line in the magnetic field passes through the bottom of the iron pot, the magnetic field line is cut, resulting in countless small eddy currents, which make the iron atoms of the iron pot rotate at a high speed and generate collision and friction to generate heat and directly heat the pot. food in the pot. 2. Gold melting furnace The gold Induction melting furnace adopts 200~2500Hz intermediate frequency power supply for induction heating, the power range is 15~160KW, and the amount of melting material is: 4~75KG, which is specially used for melting gold! Induction furnace melting gold 3. Gold melting process melting gold Craft is a technical craft. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, gold and silver products (such as gold and silver coins, gold and silver jewelry, etc.) have become more and more popular. Gold and silver are both rare and precious metals. They have beautiful luster and soft texture. , easy to process, so it has been the most popular processing material for craftsmen since ancient times. However, due to the different melting points of gold and silver, how to fuse gold and silver together has become a worldwide technical problem. At present, there are two main gold and silver production processes commonly used in my country: the first is the gold and silver bimetallic process. It is to use the metal to squeeze each other to make it stably combined. For example, in 1995, the panda refined gold coin adopts a bimetallic process; the second gold is inlaid with silver or silver inlaid with gold, such as the panda-inlaid gold commemorative silver coin issued at the Beijing International Coin Expo in 1996. In 2004, after years of research, German gold and silver product experts pioneered the gold melting technology, which fuses two precious metals with different melting points in a certain ratio (about 1:18~1:20 of gold and silver) to achieve silver in gold. , There is gold in silver, gold and silver are integrated, and they complement each other and are inseparable. Due to the complex technology of gold melting and extremely high precision requirements, only a few countries such as Germany, the United States, and Japan can master it. In the international market, the cost of molten gold per ounce exceeds 156 US dollars, which is the most difficult and expensive precious metal high-tech process in the world. my country officially introduced this technology from Germany in 2006, and it is mainly used in national key projects. In terms of gold and silver integration. Now, with the further expansion of technical applications, my country's precious metal collections are about to enter the era of melting gold. The content of the induction cooker melting gold is sorted here for all friends. After reading it, do you have a comprehensive understanding of this process? The application in our life is still very extensive.
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