Induction Heating Equipment: Market oriented, technology driven and quality based


Our Induction Heating Power Supplies Feature:

1.Ergonomic Designs For Easy Maintenance

2.Conservative Thermal Design For Cool Device Operation At Maximum Water Temperatures

3.Optically Isolated External Control Inputs For Maximum Electrical Noise Immunity

4.Low Water Pressure And High Water Temperature Faults

5.Circuit Breakers, Fuses, & Current Transducers With High Speed Fault For Maximum Line Over Current Protection

6.Conservative Conductor Sizing For Cool Operation In High Ambient Temperatures

7.Conservative Power Device Rating For Maximum Reliability

8.Large, Efficient DC Chokes To Minimize Line Disturbances And Limit Fault Current Water Cooled Snubber Components To Minimize Internal Temperature Rise

9.Internal Pressure Switches Featured On All Oil Filled Water Cooled Capacitors

Check details about Kehua's induction power supply, high power induction heater below.

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