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Industrial Electric Furnace Annealing - Improve or Eliminate Steel Defects

by:Kehua     2022-07-31
Industrial electric furnace annealing can improve steel defects very well. Because many materials used in industrial applications have certain standards, the requirements for materials are also very strict. If you are interested, then follow Xiaobian and Kehua to learn more information. Industrial Electric Furnace Annealing Industrial Electric Furnace This series of electric furnaces are energy-saving electric furnaces made of ultra-light refractory fibers. The electric furnace is used together with the temperature control cabinet. The controller can automatically or manually control the temperature of the electric furnace. It can be equipped with a computer table or computer control for multi-temperature measurement to ensure product quality according to user requirements. This series of electric furnaces are periodic operation type electric furnaces. The rated temperature is 600℃-1800℃, which is used for normalizing, annealing, quenching and other heating of metal parts in an oxidizing atmosphere. The purpose of industrial electric furnace annealing The heat treatment method of high temperature tempering after quenching is called quenching and tempering treatment. High temperature tempering refers to tempering between 500-650 °C. Tempering furnace quenching and tempering can greatly adjust the properties and materials of steel, and its strength, plasticity and toughness are good, and it has good comprehensive mechanical properties. Industrial electric furnace annealing Improve or eliminate various structural defects and residual stress caused by steel in the process of casting, forging, rolling and welding, and prevent workpiece deformation and cracking. Softens the workpiece for cutting. Refine the grains and improve the structure to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece. Prepare the tissue for final heat treatment (quenching, tempering). The intermediate frequency electric furnace produced is widely used for forging heating: used for diathermy of bar, round steel, square steel, steel plate, heat compensation, on-line heating of blue quenching and blanking, local heating, on-line forging of metal materials (such as gears, half shafts, etc.). Rods, bearings and other precision forging), extrusion, hot rolling, heating before shearing, spray heating, hot assembly, and overall quenching and tempering, annealing, and tempering of metal materials. The above is the introduction of industrial electric furnace annealing. Industrial electric furnace annealing is very important for the processing of some materials, and it is also very important to change the properties of materials. If you want to know more, then pay attention to Kehua.
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