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Industrial Heating Equipment - Five Common Ways

by:Kehua     2022-07-31
There are many types of industrial heating equipment. We need to customize the equipment suitable for our own product production according to our own needs, so as to be more efficient, so do you know the industrial heating methods? Next, let us join hands with Kehua to learn more about information. Industrial heating equipment Industrial heating equipment In today's electromagnetic heating industry, there are various heating methods. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly electric heating is better. Simply speaking, it is a mold temperature machine and a heat transfer oil electric heater. There are also resistance wire heating, water resistance heating and so on. Each has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. In the process of use, there are different heating environments, so which heating methods should we choose? Five commonly used methods 1. Electromagnetic induction heating uses an alternating electric field to generate alternating Magnetic field, the object being heated cuts the magnetic field, creating eddy currents that heat itself. It needs electromagnetic heater, electromagnetic heating induction coil and heated object to form a complete induction heating system. Although it is an emerging industrial heating method, after the efforts of electromagnetic heater manufacturers over the years, electromagnetic induction heating has developed rapidly. It is widely used in the plastic industry and food industry. 2. Heating device used for gas generation thousands of degrees in arc heating. It can heat ultra-high temperature and is suitable for the heating of ultra-high temperature in the experimental field. 3. Utilize the resistance heating of liquid. The liquid is placed in a metal container, one end of the metal is grounded, and the live wire is placed in the appropriate position of the liquid contained in the metal container for heating. Industrial heating equipment 4. Microwave heating is also a specific range of electromagnetic waves. For substances that can absorb microwaves, they can cause internal molecular vibrations, and they can be heated better. Because metals will reflect microwaves, microwaves cannot heat metals. Microwave because of its uniform heating speed, no pollution during the Qing Festival. Widely used in the food industry. Because microwaves are penetrating, be careful not to use microwaves to heat sealed objects that cannot be heated outside but can be heated inside. 5. Infrared heating wire is a kind of electromagnetic wave. The vibration of objects will generate electromagnetic waves, including infrared rays. Infrared is also an emerging heating method. It is suitable for heating objects that easily absorb infrared rays, such as fibers, wood, etc. It is not suitable for heating objects with smooth surfaces and tight interiors, such as metals. Infrared heating is also popular because of its fast heating and energy saving. There are many types of industrial heating equipment, and these equipment generally use the above five heating methods, but the specific method depends on the actual situation. If you want to know more, then pay attention to Kehua.
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