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Influence of uneven water distribution on circular cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-25
The uneven distribution of water affects the heat transfer efficiency of the circular cooling tower. It is manifested in the poor uniformity of the water spraying of the splash device, the thickness of the water film formed on the filler is not much different, the water film formed in the film filler in the part with a large amount of water is thick, the heat exchange is slow, and it is carried by the air within the same falling water time. The heat taken is small, and when it reaches the critical water film thickness, it loses stability, forms fluctuations, and is prone to blockage, which increases the airflow resistance. The phenomenon of uneven water distribution in the cooling tower group cannot be said to solve this problem very well in the entire cooling tower industry. The balance valve or the use of the same process can only increase the main force of the system without saving energy. Balance does not fundamentally solve this problem. The cooling equipment groups are connected to each other. The water supply pipe of the traditional cooling tower is single and independent, while the water supply pipe of the cooling tower under full working conditions is between the two towers, so that the resistance of the system will be reduced, and the entire water supply pipe will be reduced. The pans are also connected and a weir flow is used before flowing into the pan, so that the amount of water on the left and right sides of the pan can be kept the same. Lingyan is a square cooling tower manufacturer, a cooling tower manufacturer and a Kehua cooling tower manufacturer, specializing in the production of circular cooling towers, square cooling towers and water pumps. Beautiful and durable.
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