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Installation and commissioning of circular cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-30
1. The connection between the circular cooling equipment and the inlet and outlet pipes should be provided with brackets to prevent excessive weight from pressing on the tower wall. 2. The fan blades should be adjusted before installation and use to keep the angle consistent. The method is to mark the front and rear edges of each blade at 150 mm close to the blade, and then measure the distance between the front and rear edges of each blade from the lower chord of the bracket to calculate the height of the front and rear edges of each blade at this point. If the height difference reaches the same height after several adjustments, it is qualified. 3. After the motor is connected, the junction box should be sealed, and the current test value should not exceed the constant current of the motor. 4. When starting the cooling tower, the water pump must be turned on first and then the fan. It is not allowed to run the fan without water spray. The fan can be reversed at a low speed for a short time to eliminate ice. 5. The reducer should be filled with oil before use. It can be lubricated with No. 50 anti-wear hyperbolic gear oil. The new oil should be changed for 100-300 hours of initial operation, and the oil should be changed every 3000-5000 hours of operation after that. The oil level should be moderate, and the oil mark should be easy to observe. 6. When the cooling equipment is running, it should be managed by a special person, often pay attention to the changes in current and water temperature, and regularly check the motor, reducer, water distributor, etc.
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