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Installation of water distribution device for circular cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-30
There are two types of water distribution devices for Kehua circular cooling towers: fixed tube water distributor and rotary tube water distributor. The following is a detailed introduction of Kehua cooling equipment manufacturers. 1. The nozzles of the fixed tubular water distributor are arranged downwards in a plum-shaped or grid-like shape, and the specific arrangement should meet the technical conditions or design requirements of the equipment. Generally, the distance between the nozzles is determined according to the water spray angle and the installation height. The water droplets of each nozzle should cross each other, so that the water can be evenly distributed to the water spraying device. 2. There are three installation forms for the spout of the rotary pipe water distributor: (1) Assemble the water distribution pipe with slits, the width of the slits is generally 2-3nvn, and the slits are arranged horizontally. (2) Nozzle water distribution shall be installed according to the technical conditions or design requirements of the equipment. (3) Assemble a water distribution pipe with a round hole, the diameter of which is 3-6mm, and the hole distance is 8-16mm. For single-row installation, the angle between the hole and the horizontal direction is 30. During double-row installation, the angle between the upper row of holes and the horizontal direction is 60. The angle between the lower row of holes and the horizontal direction is 45. The opening area is 50%-60% of the total cross-sectional area of ​​the water distribution pipe.
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