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Introduction of induction heating coil manufacturers and specific applications

by:Kehua     2022-07-19
Induction heating coils are widely used in some special industries. Such induction heating coils have good performance and have always been popular. Follow Kehua to learn about induction heating coil manufacturers and specific applications. Induction heating coil manufacturers 1. Induction heating Induction heating: The workpiece is placed in the inductor, and the inductor is generally a hollow copper tube that inputs intermediate frequency or high frequency alternating current (300-300000Hz or higher). The alternating magnetic field generates an induced current of the same frequency in the workpiece. The distribution of this induced current in the workpiece is uneven, it is strong on the surface, but weak in the interior, and it is close to 0 in the center. This skin effect is used. , the surface of the workpiece can be heated rapidly, the surface temperature rises to 800-1000 ℃ in a few seconds, and the temperature of the core part is very small. Second, the specific application Induction heating surface quenching has the advantages of good surface quality, low brittleness, quenched surface is not easy to oxidize and decarburize, and small deformation, so induction heating equipment has been widely used in metal surface heat treatment. Induction heating equipment is a device that generates an induction current of a specific frequency and performs induction heating and surface quenching treatment. The process of metal heat treatment The heat treatment process generally includes three processes of heating, heat preservation and cooling, and sometimes there are only two processes of heating and cooling. These processes are interconnected and uninterrupted. Heating is one of the important steps in heat treatment. There are many heating methods for metal heat treatment, the earliest is to use charcoal and coal as heat sources, and then use liquid and gas fuels. The application of electricity makes heating easy to control and free of environmental pollution. These heat sources can be used for direct heating or indirect heating through molten salts or metals, as well as floating particles. When the metal is heated, the workpiece is exposed to the air, and oxidation and decarburization often occur (that is, the carbon content on the surface of the steel part is reduced), which has a very adverse effect on the surface properties of the parts after heat treatment. Therefore, the metal should usually be heated in a controlled atmosphere or protective atmosphere, in molten salt and in vacuum, and can also be protected by coating or packaging methods. The heating temperature is one of the important process parameters of the heat treatment process. The selection and control of the heating temperature is the main problem to ensure the quality of the heat treatment. The heating temperature varies with the metal material to be treated and the purpose of the heat treatment, but generally it is heated above the phase transition temperature to obtain the desired structure. In addition, the transformation takes a certain amount of time, so when the surface of the metal workpiece reaches the required heating temperature, it must be maintained at this temperature for a certain period of time to make the internal and external temperatures consistent and the microstructure changes completely. This period of time is called the holding time. When high-energy density heating and surface heat treatment are used, the heating speed is extremely fast, and generally there is no holding time or the holding time is very short, while the holding time of chemical heat treatment is often longer. Third, which is the best induction heating coil manufacturer Guangzhou Kehua Technology Co., Ltd. aims to 'produce energy-saving and environmentally friendly induction heating equipment to save users money, We have developed and manufactured a full range of high-frequency induction heating equipment: medium-frequency Induction melting furnace, ultra-sonic heating machine, ultra-high-frequency heating equipment and supporting medium-frequency diathermy forging furnaces, CNC quenching machine tools, chillers and related supporting equipment, a wide range of It is used in the metal processing industry, such as metal preheating, high frequency welding (brazing), diathermy forming, quenching, annealing, heat shrinking and other processes. All products can be customized according to customer's process requirements. Induction heating coil manufacturers We know the introduction of induction heating coil manufacturers and specific applications. Through understanding, we know that the best manufacturer of induction heating coils on the market is Kehua.
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