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Introduction to popular science about metal science and heat treatment

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
Introduction to Metallography and Heat Treatment 1 Metallography and Heat Treatment is a book published by Metallurgical Industry Press in July 2009. The author is Bai Suqin. This book can be used as a training material for operators of non-ferrous metal enterprises, and can also be used as a teaching material for relevant majors in vocational schools (academies), and can also be used as a reference for relevant engineering and technical personnel. Metallography and Heat Treatment Introduction to Metallology and Heat Treatment 2 Metallography and heat treatment is a basic compulsory course for undergraduates majoring in material forming and control engineering, focusing on the internal relationship between the chemical composition, structure, structure and properties of metals and alloys And the changing laws under various conditions, focusing on the basic phenomena, basic concepts and basic laws related to the forming process of metal materials, to cultivate students' ability to rationally use metal materials and formulate hot working process specifications, so that students have the ability to obtain high-quality Analytical ability of parts, and lay a good theoretical foundation for the research of metals and alloys. The main content 'Metal Science and Heat Treatment' is one of the vocational education and training planning materials in the non-ferrous metal industry. The Working Committee Office organized the expert review and passed. 'Metalology and Heat Treatment' is divided into 8 chapters, which introduce in detail the properties of metals, crystal structures of metals and alloys, crystallization and ingot structure of pure metals, phase diagrams of alloy phases and binary alloys, plastic deformation and recrystallization of metals , Metal heat treatment, aluminum-magnesium and its alloys, copper-nickel and its alloys, etc. In terms of content organization and structural arrangement, strive to be concise, easy to understand, link theory with practice, meet the actual needs of production, and highlight the characteristics of the industry. In order to facilitate readers to learn by themselves, deepen their understanding and combine learning with use, each chapter is accompanied by review questions. Metalology and heat treatment The above is the knowledge of metal science and heat treatment introduced by Kehua. If you want to combine theory with practice, then Kehua can also provide you with relevant introductions and platforms, hoping to help you.
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