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Introduction to the advantages and hazards of electromagnetic induction heaters

by:Kehua     2022-07-27
The electromagnetic induction heater mainly generates a magnetic field through AC induction in the circuit, forming a cutting magnetic field line, and finally forming an alternating current. Kehua will share with you the advantages and hazards of electromagnetic induction heaters. Advantages and hazards of electromagnetic induction heating Introduction of advantages and hazards of electromagnetic induction heaters: 1. High efficiency, energy saving, and rapid heating. The internal heating method is adopted, that is, the metal tube inside the barrel is heated by itself through electromagnetic induction, and the average preheating time is shorter than that of the resistance coil heating method. 2/ 3. At the same time, the thermal efficiency is as high as 95% or more, and the power saving effect can reach 30%-70%. 2. Reduce production costs and improve product quality The heating part adopts a special cable structure, which does not generate heat itself, can withstand temperatures above 500 ℃, and has a service life of more than 5 years, and there is basically no maintenance cost in the later period. Because electromagnetic heating makes the barrel automatically heat through electromagnetic induction, the heat utilization rate is as high as 95%, which can fully and evenly heat the raw materials, thereby improving product quality 3. Reliable operation, controllable and adjustable The host adopts the most advanced industrial Using the machine board, microelectronic control, multi-channel intelligent closed-loop system and perfect protection function, effectively avoid the aging phenomenon of the host, and can fully ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the equipment. 4. Improve the working environment The surface of the equipment is at room temperature and the human body can touch it, which greatly improves the working environment at the production site, effectively increases the enthusiasm of workers for production, and reduces the cost of traditional cooling facilities. In line with the concept of 'people-orientedWhether it is harmful electromagnetic heating induction energy-saving equipment has always been subject to the question of whether radiation is harmful to human health. Electromagnetic induction heating adopts the heating principle of magnetic field induced current (also known as eddy current). It generates an alternating magnetic field through the components of the electronic circuit board. The metal part of the barrel surface produces alternating current (ie eddy current), which makes the iron molecules of the barrel move at high speed and irregularly. So, what frequency range of electromagnetic waves is harmful to people? Unit conversion: 1MHzu003d1000KHZu003d1000 000Hz, the frequency of the electromagnetic heating core is: 20~40KHz In the frequency range from about MHz to about 300MHz, the generated magnetic field has a magnetic field strength of more than 3 milligauss, which is harmful to the human body. The damage of magnetic fields below 0.1MHz is even more trivial. Of course, in the harmful range, its intensity is below 3 milligauss, which is generally regarded as a safe range. 2. The electric field generated by the electric field in the frequency range from about 1.4MHz to 300MHz, its electric field strength exceeds 1mv/m, that is, it is harmful to the human body. The damage is the greatest, and the damage to the electric field below 1.4MHz is also negligible. Also, when the electric field and the magnetic field exist alone, they will not radiate and travel outwards like electromagnetic waves, but only have swaying fluctuations within their intensity range. 3. Electromagnetic waves from 90MHz to 300MHz are the most harmful. The closer to 12000MHz above 300MHz, the smaller the damage. Therefore, we know that the frequencies of 900MHz and 1800MHz are all within the harmful range. As for the industrial heating electromagnetic movement, the frequency is 20~40KHz, which is a normal audio signal (20~40kHz range), which is harmless to the human body. So please feel free to use the electromagnetic heater. Electromagnetic induction heating The above article is about the advantages and hazards of electromagnetic induction heaters brought to you by Kehua. You can continue to pay attention to Kehua for more relevant information.
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