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Introduction to the characteristics of square cooling tower-【Lingyan Electromechanical】Industrial Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-22
​Cooling towers can be divided into circular cooling towers and square cooling towers according to their shapes. Compared with the circular cooling tower, the square cooling tower is a new type of cooling tower, which is mainly suitable for some industries with relatively high requirements. The square cooling tower has low noise and can be installed in parallel with multiple units, which is more beautiful. Moreover, the parallel installation of square cooling towers does not require an intermediate space. Unlike circular cooling towers, parallel connection requires 0.5 times the tower diameter between the two towers. Therefore, the square cooling tower plays a very good role in saving the floor space. For the cooling equipment of the same tonnage, the volume of the square cooling tower is larger than that of the circular cooling tower because it needs to meet the higher requirements of the industry. For example, like a sewage cooling equipment, it mainly exchanges the waste heat generated by the industry in the production process and some entrained impurities with the air in the tower, so that the impurities, waste heat and water quality are separated, so that the water can be effectively recycled. The volume of the square cooling tower can accommodate more cooling tower fills to better meet the industrial requirements. However, the sewage cooling tower is generally made into a square cooling tower. There are also a small number of industrial waste water that contains few impurities will choose to make a circular cooling tower.
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