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Introduction to the Features of Suspension Induction Melting Furnace

by:Kehua     2022-07-19
With the continuous progress of our science and technology, our production and processing equipment is also constantly improving. The suspension induction Induction melting furnace is a new type of processing equipment. The performance of this equipment is very good. We and Kehua understand suspension induction melting. Furnace features are introduced. Suspended induction melting furnace 1. Introduction of induction furnace An electric furnace that uses the induction electrothermal effect of materials to heat or melt materials is called an induction furnace. The AC power supply used by the induction furnace has three types: power frequency (50 or 60 Hz), intermediate frequency (150~10000 Hz) and high frequency (higher than 10000 Hz). The main components of the induction furnace are the inductor, the furnace body, the power supply, the capacitor and the control system. Under the action of the alternating electromagnetic field in the induction furnace, eddy current is generated inside the material to achieve the effect of heating or melting. Under the stirring action of this alternating magnetic field, the composition and temperature of the material in the furnace are relatively uniform, the forging heating temperature can reach 1250 ℃, and the melting temperature can reach 1650 ℃. In addition to heating or smelting in the atmosphere, the induction furnace can also be heated or smelted in a vacuum and a protective atmosphere such as argon and neon to meet the requirements of special quality. Induction furnaces have outstanding advantages in diathermy or melting soft magnetic alloys, high resistance alloys, platinum group alloys, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant alloys and pure metals. Induction furnaces are usually divided into induction heating furnaces and melting furnaces. Melting furnaces are divided into two types: cored induction furnaces and coreless induction furnaces. The cored induction furnace has an iron core passing through the inductor and is powered by a power frequency power supply. It is mainly used for smelting and heat preservation of various cast iron, brass, bronze, zinc and other metals. The electrical efficiency is over 90%, and it can use waste furnace materials. The smelting cost is low, and the maximum furnace capacity is 270 tons. The coreless induction furnace has no iron core passing through the inductor, and is divided into power frequency induction furnace, triple frequency induction furnace, generator set intermediate frequency induction furnace, thyristor intermediate frequency induction furnace, and high frequency induction furnace. Second, the characteristics of fast heating, high production efficiency, less oxidation and decarbonization, saving materials and forging die costs. Since the principle of intermediate frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction, its heat is generated in the workpiece itself, and ordinary workers use the intermediate frequency electric furnace to go to work within ten minutes. It can carry out continuous work of forging tasks, without the need for professional furnace workers to burn and seal the furnace in advance. There is no need to worry about the waste of heated billets due to power outages or equipment failures. Due to the fast heating rate of this heating method, there is very little oxidation. Compared with coal-fired furnaces, each ton of forgings saves at least 20-50 kilograms of steel raw materials, and its material utilization rate can reach 95%. Because this heating method heats evenly and the temperature difference between the core surface is extremely small, the life of the forging die is greatly increased in the forging crucible type high-frequency induction furnace, and the surface roughness of the forging is also less than 50um. Environmentally friendly working environment is superior, improving workers' labor environment and company image, non-polluting, low-energy induction heating furnaces Compared with coal furnaces, workers are no longer subject to the baking and smoking of coal furnaces under the scorching sun, meeting various requirements of the environmental protection department. At the same time, it established the company's external image and the future development trend of the forging industry. Accurate folding Heating is uniform, the temperature difference between the core surface is extremely small, and the temperature control accuracy is high. The heat of induction heating is generated in the workpiece itself, so the heating is uniform and the temperature difference between the core surface is extremely small. The application of temperature control system can realize precise control of temperature and improve product quality and qualification rate. Third, Kehua introduced Guangzhou Kehua Technology Co., Ltd. with the goal of 'producing energy-saving and environmentally friendly induction heating equipment to save money for usersThe full range of high-frequency induction heating equipment includes: medium frequency melting furnace, super audio frequency heating machine, ultra high frequency heating equipment and supporting medium frequency diathermy forging furnace, CNC quenching machine tool, chiller and related supporting equipment, which are widely used in metal processing industry. , such as metal preheating, high frequency welding (brazing), diathermy forming, quenching, annealing, heat shrinking and other processes, all products can be customized according to customer process requirements. Suspension Induction The characteristics of the suspension induction melting furnace Kehua has introduced to us. Now this suspension induction furnace has been used in various processing industries, and it can also be processed according to different requirements.
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