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Introduction to the quality and working principle of rapid heating equipment

by:Kehua     2022-07-30
Rapid heating equipment is divided into many fields, from processing originals to food processing, etc. In many processing industries, simple and rapid heating equipment can exist. Compared with ordinary heating equipment, rapid heating equipment can save time and at the same time. Effectively increase production. Detailed introduction of fast heater ASLG series: Kehua fast heater ASLG series is specially used for heating the small end of connecting rod, with fast heating speed and high efficiency. Jingjiang Zhongnuo Instrument Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of heaters for more than 10 years. With innovation and experience accumulation, Zhongnuo Instrument has developed and produced a series of induction heaters suitable for various workpieces. Rapid heating equipment Rapid heater ASLG series product features: 1. The coil is wound with copper flat wire, which heats faster and more uniformly. Some aluminum wire heaters on the market 2. The main casing is made of 304 stainless steel, with low magnetic conductivity, which is different from some manufacturers who do not use the main casing and directly expose the main iron core to the outside 3. The main casing and the coil are made of high temperature resistant epoxy resin Pouring and sealing can greatly improve the insulation performance and ensure the safety of operators. Some manufacturers do not pour epoxy resin. 4. Adopt self-healing capacitor compensation. After capacitor compensation, only half of the power is used, which greatly saves energy. Rapid heating equipment Technical indicators of rapid induction heating equipment: 1 Working environment of Kehua equipment: temperature 0-45 ℃, humidity ≤ 85%. 2 The device has a digital display timer with a range of 0-9999 seconds. 3 The device is equipped with red and green signal display buttons, compared to the leakage tracking index CTI≥100, flame retardant 4 Time relay: Mechanical life: 100×104 times Electric life: 10×104 times, installation method panel type, delay setting error Not more than 1%+0.05s. Guaranteed not less than 700 hours of use within a month. 5. The installation positions of all display instruments of the equipment are reasonably designed and meet the requirements of humanized design. 6 The host has functions such as overload and overheating protection, leakage protection, and automatic demagnetization. 7. The noise of the new machine should not exceed 65dB, and it should not exceed 75dB after one year of use. 8. The thickness of the outer wall of the heating machine must be guaranteed to be above 1.5mm (including 1.5mm). 9. The iron core of the equipment is made of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, the coil is made of double-glass filament copper flat wire, and the insulation is sealed with high-temperature epoxy resin, and the insulation is above Class B. 10 The main components of the equipment adopt the Delixi brand (standard). 11 The following technical information is provided with the equipment: operation manual, electrical schematic diagram, manufacturers and details of main parts and components, and certificate of conformity. Advantages of Amber's high-quality bearing heaters: 1. Function: fast heating speed, convenient operation, temperature display, time display can control the heating process; 2. Quality: the first domestically imported cold-rolled silicon steel sheet and pure copper induction coil, wire package Three sets of double-glass filament copper flat wires are used to wind and heat the workpiece, and the anti-heat radiation technology is adopted, which has fast conduction and high heating efficiency; The bag is hot, and it will not crack after long-term use. The withstand voltage of the host is tested according to the IEC standard, and the insulation resistance is still greater than 2MΩ when it is energized for 5 minutes at a voltage of 2000V. 3. Appearance: Humanized design, strict and exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful and atmospheric; the main casing is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel plate, which is not easy to generate heat and is less affected by magnetic fields. 4. Environmental protection: no name fire, no pollution, low noise, no hidden dangers of accidents; using high-capacity self-healing compensation capacitors, higher utilization rate and energy saving. 5. Heatable sealed bearings; 6. Optional rotary arm heating rod design, more convenient to use; 7. After-sales: The main engine is guaranteed for three years. In many processing plants that use rapid heating equipment, they choose this kind of heating equipment because of the speed and energy-saving advantages of this equipment. The output is the primary advantage of their processing plants.
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