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Is it worth paying attention to the cleaning of FRP cooling tower sediments? -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-26
​ The cooling tower will produce a large amount of calcified substances in the long-term use. These calcified substances deposited in the interior of the cooling tower will not only affect the work of the cooling tower, but also have a certain impact on the daily maintenance of the FRP cooling tower. Therefore, in the daily maintenance process, the calcium deposits inside the FRP cooling tower must be cleaned up carefully and timely to avoid the serious impact of these precipitated calcium on the cooling tower. The FRP cooling equipment adopts air intake from both sides, and the fan on the top makes the air pass through the packing on both sides of the tower to exchange medium with hot water, and the hot and humid air is discharged to the outside of the tower. The filler adopts a point wave plate with convex points on both sides. The point wave plate is bonded into a whole through the mounting head to improve rigidity. The convex points on both sides can also avoid direct dripping, thus improving the water film formation ability. water measures. There are many methods for cleaning FRP cooling towers, and the traditional clear method is more suitable for the majority of cooling users. Cleaning with scrapers can not only completely remove the internal deposits, but also effectively avoid the regeneration of these calcified substances.
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