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Is the quality of Kehua selected for Guangzhou heating equipment guaranteed?

by:Kehua     2022-07-31
In recent years, there are more and more manufacturers of heating equipment in the Guangzhou market. In the process of understanding these heating equipment, we must see which one has more guaranteed quality and is more suitable for us. Let's take a look at Guangzhou heating equipment. Information about the equipment. Guangzhou Heating Equipment 1. Introduction. Heating equipment is generally a device composed of heating elements and accessories. A glass fiber reinforced refractory fiber layer is wound around the multi-strand resistance wire stranded wire, and a metal wire reinforced refractory fiber layer is woven outside the refractory fiber layer, which is tightly combined and distributed along the entire length of the resistance wire stranded double-layer cladding layer and its center The resistance wire stranded wire forms an integral direct heating unit that can be bent at will and can be in close contact with the heated object. The metal wire knits together a plurality of side-by-side monomers laterally to form a braided high-temperature electric heater that can be directly used on the object to be heated. 2. Introduction of heating equipment manufacturers. Kehua has more than 36 years of manufacturing technology, and has formed a management system that integrates product development, design, production and sales and is constantly improving. The company always adheres to the production and service tenet of quality first and customer first, and has established a research and development team composed of senior engineers, engineers, technicians and other professionals. The company has more than 260 employees and a workshop area of u200bu200b20,000 square meters. It has a strong OEM /ODM capability. Guangzhou heating equipment Third, the company's product introduction. Kehua specializes in Ru0026D, manufacturing, and sales of tunnel ovens, rotary ovens, electric food ovens, gas food ovens, pig roasting ovens, pizza ovens, electric steam ovens, and proofing box baking equipment, as well as production and sales of dough mixers and egg beaters. , block machine, crisper and a series of baking equipment as many as 180 products of different specifications, the annual sales volume exceeds 80,000 units, some products have passed the EU CE, UL, ISO9001 quality system certification, committed to domestic and even the world Our bakery masters provide professional and complete bakery production equipment. In recent years, the company has forged ahead and is committed to reshaping the brand image of Baking Supreme, and has continuously introduced a variety of automated advanced production equipment such as: large-scale laser cutting machines; computer-based CNC punching machines, bending machines; , and gradually move towards the standardization and precision of the production of key parts and components, so as to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality level of the products. The above information is about the content of heating equipment in Guangzhou. If you want to find a better heating equipment manufacturer, you must compare and understand more about each manufacturer.
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