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Kehua introduces the product classification of brazing machines

by:Kehua     2022-08-07
We often see brazing machines in our daily life. So, have friends ever heard about it? It has the characteristics of high safety factor, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. It is a good hand among industry assistants. Kehua introduced today: Product classification of brazing machines. Brazing machine PMA flame brazing machine PMA plasma brazing machine completely replaces traditional brazing equipment, a new generation of brazing equipment without combustible gas. Using IGBT inverter control principle, the flame is very stable during welding, and the whole equipment is light and convenient, suitable for outdoor welding. The operation of the welding machine is simple, and only those who know a little about the welding machine do not need special training. This product does not require flammable and explosive gases such as acetylene, and the safety performance is greatly improved. Only electricity can be used, and some underdeveloped areas (no oxygen or acetylene, gasoline, etc.) use plasma brazing machines to have obvious advantages. In the welding process, gas flux can be used directly instead of the traditional manual addition of borax to improve the wettability and fluidity of brazing, so as to reduce the generation of pores. Improve the tensile strength of the weld, and the surface will not be oxidized or blackened during the welding process. There is no need for pickling, which greatly improves the efficiency of the connection. High-frequency brazing machine High-frequency brazing machine is an induction heating device that heats the solder to a certain temperature through an induction current to melt the solder, so as to wet two metals of the same material or different materials and stick them together. Frequency power selection of high-frequency brazing machine When the welding cross-sectional area is less than 30*30mm, high-frequency induction welding equipment with a frequency of 60~80KHz is generally selected. When the welding cross-sectional area is greater than 30*30mm and the number of processing is large, it can be The selected frequency is between 15~60KHZ, and the power is slightly larger than that of the super audio induction heating equipment. Because the size of the brazing section is different, the frequency band and power used are also different. The brazing process of the high-frequency brazing machine The workpieces cleaned on the surface with flux (usually borax) are pressed together, and the brazing material is placed near the joint gap or between the joint gap. When the workpiece and the solder are heated to a temperature slightly higher than the melting point of the solder, the solder melts (the workpiece is not melted), and is sucked by capillary action and fills the gap between the solid workpieces, and the liquid solder and the workpiece metal diffuse and dissolve with each other. , After the heating is stopped, put the workpiece into quicklime or thermal insulation sand for heat preservation (simple tempering of the weld) for a period of time, and then take it out to form a brazed joint. The heating method of welding The main heating methods are iron heating, flame heating, resistance heating, induction heating, immersion heating and furnace heating. Brazing process method There are many commonly used process methods, which are mainly distinguished according to the equipment used and working principle. For example, according to the heat source, there are infrared, electron beam, laser, plasma, glow discharge brazing, etc.; according to the working process, there are contact reaction brazing and diffusion brazing. Contact reaction brazing is to use the reaction between the solder and the base metal to generate a liquid phase to fill the joint gap. Diffusion brazing is to increase the heat preservation and diffusion time, so that the weld and the base metal are fully homogenized, so as to obtain a joint with the same performance as the base metal. Almost all heating heat sources can be used as brazing heat sources, and brazing is classified accordingly. Brazing machine It is believed that through the product classification of the brazing machine introduced by Kehua today, friends will have the reference of the above data, it will be more convenient when choosing it, please pay more attention to our website.
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