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Kehua kettle heating plate brazing is safe and secure-factory direct sales

by:Kehua     2022-08-07
I don't know if you have ever used a kettle that boils water quickly, that is, the kind with a heating plate under it. After I used it, I think it's pretty good. Many people may worry that the kettle heating plate is not safe, but in fact, as long as the kettle heating plate is brazed well, there will be no danger. Well done at home? Xiaobian recommends Kehua! Kehua kettle heating plate brazing is safe and secure The process of high-frequency brazing is divided into 8 steps: 1. Preparations before high-frequency brazing: The stainless steel products and aluminum plates are degreasing and decontaminated, and there should be no oil contamination on the cleaned surface, otherwise it will directly affect the effect of high-frequency brazing. 2. Prepare the corresponding eutectic flux and solder. When welding aluminum plates, prepare aluminum-based flux and solder. You must find the appropriate eutectic flux and solder, otherwise the welding will fail. This step is also critical. 3. Apply the adjusted flux on the product to be welded. The flux must be adjusted in proportion, otherwise the drainage effect will be affected. 4. Sprinkle solder evenly on the products to be welded. The amount and uniformity of solder directly affect the caulking effect of high-frequency brazing, as well as the size of the slag after high-frequency brazing, and whether it can be easily removed and sprinkled with solder. Quantity is closely related. 5. Put the aluminum plate coated with flux and solder and the heating pipe on the stainless steel pot at the corresponding position. The positioning must be done well, otherwise, the product position after high-frequency brazing will be incorrect and unqualified. 6. All the work is ready and the welding is started. During welding, observe whether the parameters of the high-frequency brazing machine are normal, the high-frequency brazing machine works normally, reaches the predetermined welding time, and the welding work is completed. 7. The high-frequency brazing machine stops heating and enters the pressure maintaining and cooling process. Don't think that it is not important. The length of holding pressure and cooling time is closely related to the quality of high-frequency brazing. High-frequency brazing machine is also called high-frequency induction pressure brazing machine, which means that pressure holding after welding and fusion is also critical. 8. When the pressure-holding cooling time is up, take out the products after high-frequency brazing, and check whether there is any false welding, burning, empty welding, etc. If there is any defect, self-check each link to ensure that the subsequent welding pass rate is 100%. These 8 high-frequency brazing processes are closely related, and each has its own unique capabilities. It is interrelated and indispensable. Which step is the most important? I can only say that they are all important, and each link must be done carefully and strictly. Introduction to the electric kettle: The working principle of the electric kettle is that the water vapor generated when the water boils deforms the bimetallic sheet of the steam temperature sensing element. This deformation pushes the power switch to cut off the power through the lever principle. The power outage is not self-resetting, so the kettle will not automatically reheat after the power outage. The electric kettle was born in Chicago in 1891. With the development of science and technology, fast, safe, convenient and full use of energy have gradually become the main features of kettles, and British tea lovers have fallen in love with it ever since. In the 21st century, it has become a global bestseller. The electric kettle adopts the steam intelligent induction temperature control, which has the function of automatic power off after the water boils, and the function of preventing dry burning and power off. With the needs of life, the current electric kettle is also developing in the direction of multi-function, such as anti-leakage, anti-scalding, water locking and so on. The electric kettle has the advantages of fast heating speed, good heat preservation effect, strong filtering function and many styles. Kehua kettle heating plate brazing is safe and secure. Electric kettles are very convenient to use and can save us a lot of time, but you remember that if you want to buy an electric kettle, you must choose a safe kettle heating plate for brazing. The editor thinks that Kehua does It's very good, you can refer to it!
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