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Let's take a look at its characteristics with high frequency electric heating-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-21
In our daily life and work, we may be less exposed to high-frequency electric heating. Many friends said that they do not know what kind of operation this is. With these questions, Kehua's professional friends will follow. Tell us about high frequency electric heating. High-frequency electric heating High-frequency electric heating High-frequency electric heating uses the energy of high-frequency electric field to electrically heat dielectric materials. Under the action of a high-frequency electric field, the positive and negative charges in the molecules and atoms of the dielectric materials produce high-frequency alternating displacements, and the thermal motion of the molecules and atoms is intensified, thereby heating the material. The characteristics of high-frequency electric heating The heat is generated inside the heated material, so the heating speed is fast, the heating time is short, and the thermal efficiency is high, but the equipment investment cost is large, the electrical efficiency is low, and the production cost is high. The calculation formula of the power absorbed in the unit volume of the heated material when the protective high-voltage electric field is heated. where f is the electric field frequency, H:; E is the electric field strength, V/cm is the relative permittivity of the heated material, and tan is the dielectric loss coefficient of the heated material. Classification and application Gaopo electric field heating is traditionally divided into two categories: medium heating and microwave heating. High-frequency electric heating medium heating is also called electrode-type high-frequency electric field heating, which refers to the electric heating of the dielectric under the action of 1~300MHz electric field, which is generated by the movement of electric charges in atoms or molecules. The equipment used mainly includes high-frequency power supply, electrode and necessary auxiliary facilities, etc. The high-frequency power supply mainly uses the tube oscillator type (see the electric furnace variable power supply), and the output frequency is in the range of about 1~70MHz. In order to avoid interference to short-wave and ultra-short-wave communication, 13.560 ± 0.0005, 27.120 ± 0.006, 40.680 should be preferred. The probability of three sections of soil 0.0005MHz should be selected, otherwise the probability that the allowable value of radio interference should meet the requirements of the relevant standards should be selected. Electrodes are made of copper or aluminum profiles, which are made into plates, rods, strips, balls, rollers, etc. according to the shape, size and heating process of the heated material. The heated material is placed between the two electrodes. Medium heating In addition to the fast heating speed, the main characteristics of the sintering machine are that it can achieve uniform heating on the surface and inside of the material. The above is the content of the article about high-frequency electric heating introduced to us by Kehua. After reading the introduction, we finally understand the characteristics of this high-frequency electric heating, right? Remember to continue to support us.
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