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Maintenance work for long-term shutdown of high temperature cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-16
The high-temperature cooling equipment relies on the combination of hot water and cold air for heat exchange to achieve the cooling effect. So how do we maintain it if it is to be idle for a long time? 1. After the cooling tower is shut down, first discharge the excess water in the cooling tower water receiving tray and the pipeline, and clean up the sludge and other impurities in the cooling tower water receiving tray. 2. Check the motor circuit for damage and aging. 3. Overhaul the fasteners of the high-temperature cooling tower, and apply lubricating oil or anti-rust paint for maintenance. 4. Overhaul the damage of the packing and water distribution nozzles inside the cooling tower, and replace the damaged ones immediately; and clean the impurities inside the packing. 5. Overhaul the high-temperature cooling equipment fan, apply anti-rust paint or lubricating oil for anti-corrosion maintenance, and seal it with plastic film after treatment; check the gear oil in the reducer. Lingyan is a manufacturer of cooling towers and square cooling towers, with complete models, excellent performance and low price. If necessary, please call at any time.
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