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Maintenance work of circular cooling tower in summer

by:Kehua     2022-10-01
The main function of the circular cooling equipment in daily production is to realize the cooling of circulating water, so that the circulating water can meet the production water standard. In order to avoid the water temperature difference and acid rain corrosion of the circular cooling tower in summer, the following cooling tower manufacturers share with you the maintenance work of the circular cooling tower in summer: 1. Pay attention to closing the circular cooling tower in summer to make up water: the temperature rises in summer, and the temperature in winter In contrast, the evaporation of spray water increased slightly. Regularly check the water tank and replenish the water. 2. Check the water distribution in the sprinkler head: Closed cooling towers usually use nozzles to distribute water. If the nozzles in a circular cooling equipment are partially clogged or the nozzles fall off, the water distribution will be uneven. For circular cooling towers, it is very important to avoid dry spots and regularly check the water distribution of the nozzles. 3. Clean the air inlet/outlet of the equipment: For the long-term outdoor operation of the cooling tower, the air inlet and air outlet should be regularly maintained and checked to clear the blockage of the air inlet/air outlet network. 4. Package damage: including scaling and aging. Generally speaking, circular cooling towers that have been in use for many years will have problems with packing damage. If the filler is damaged in a large area, the temperature of the spray water will be affected, resulting in a cooling effect.
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