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New electromagnetic induction heating system improves thermal efficiency - Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-29
The new electromagnetic induction heating system is very different from the traditional electric heater. It adopts the principle of magnetic field induction heating. It generates numerous small eddy currents to make the material itself heat up at a high speed. If you are interested, come with Kehua Xiaobian. Get to know it! Electromagnetic induction insulating material Electromagnetic induction insulating material should be heated as a new heating system, which breaks the traditional heating method of electric heater (resistance wire) and adopts the most advanced magnetic field induction eddy current heating principle, that is, the current passes through the coil to generate a magnetic field, and the magnetic field When the internal magnetic force line passes through the magnetic conductive metal material, countless small eddy currents will be generated in the metal body, so that the metal material itself will heat up at a high speed, and the temperature of the objects in the metal material will be heated. In addition, the outside of the barrel can be wrapped with a certain thickness of thermal insulation material according to the specific situation, which greatly reduces the heat loss and improves the thermal efficiency, so the power saving effect is very significant, up to 30%-75%. Because the electromagnetic heating coil itself does not generate heat, and is made of insulating materials and high-temperature cables, there is no problem that the resistance wire of the original electric heating coil is oxidized at high temperature and shortens the service life. It has a long service life and a fast heating rate. , No need for maintenance and other advantages, reducing maintenance time and cost. New electromagnetic induction heating system with long service life Heating system: Compared with the refrigeration system, the heating system is relatively simple. It is mainly composed of high-power resistance wires. Due to the large heating rate required by the test, the power of the heating system is relatively large, and there is also a heater on the bottom plate of the testing machine. The main advantages and characteristics of the electromagnetic heating furnace are explained in detail: Two major characteristics 1. The first three heating technology The water system has been specially designed to make the medium water magnetized three times to heat up, which is more environmentally friendly, more efficient and healthier. 2. Micro-radiation design After the electromagnetic wire of the heating part of the product is energized, the radiation amount is only one-sixtieth of that of the mobile phone. Efficiently shield electromagnetic radiation, prevent the waste of magnetic field radiation, and reduce the magnetic pollution of the magnetic field to the power grid and electrical appliances. The new electromagnetic induction heating system The above is the relevant introduction of the new electromagnetic induction heating system. The principle of the heating system of this equipment is relatively simple. It is mainly composed of high-power resistance wires. If you want to know more information, please pay more attention to Kehua website!
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