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New technology product hot melt copper nut

by:Kehua     2022-08-03
In the past century of the industry, many workers have complained about some of the nuts. However, since the new century, the enterprise group headed by Kehua has launched hot-melt copper nuts. Here is a little introduction to hot-melt copper nuts. . Introduction to hot melt copper nut As the name suggests, the definition of copper nut is a nut made of copper material (usually lead brass, such as H59, H62). The copper nuts that we come into contact with daily are mainly hexagonal nuts or other matching bolts. copper nut. So why should copper nuts be used in daily production activities? Because copper nuts are not easy to rust, anti-corrosion, easy to conduct heat and have strong electrical conductivity, etc., they are generally used in rust-proof, high-temperature, electrical and thermal environments , such as faucets, valves, electrical switches, etc. Another main use of copper nuts is injection molding. After heating, they are embedded into plastic parts or directly injected into molds. As mentioned above, brass has good thermal conductivity. For example, after heating copper nuts, they are embedded. It can quickly heat up and speed up the work efficiency. On the other hand, the heated copper nut can quickly conduct heat to the plastic parts, so that the periphery of the plastic hole becomes soft, which is conducive to pressing into the hole; then, if the mold injection molding effect is used, it will be What if? As we all know, the melting point of PA/NYLOY/PET is above 200°C. After the copper nut is hot-melted into the plastic part, the temperature rises rapidly. After injection molding, the plastic body rapidly cools and crystallizes and hardens. At high temperature, what will be the result? You must have guessed it smartly, and the result is that the copper nut develops looseness or cracks where it contacts the plastic part. So copper nuts are used instead of steel nuts in injection molding. A standard nut is a nut, a part that is screwed together with a bolt or screw for fastening. It is a kind of original that all production machinery must use. There are many kinds of nuts. We commonly have national standard, British standard, American standard, Japanese standard nuts. Nuts are divided into carbon steel, high strength, stainless steel, plastic steel and other types according to different materials. According to the product attributes, the standard numbers corresponding to different countries are divided into ordinary, non-standard, (old) national standard, new national standard, American system, British system, and German standard. Depending on the size, the thread is unequally divided into different specifications. Generally, the national standard and German standard are represented by M (such as M8, M16), and the American and British systems are represented by fractions or # (such as 8#, 10#, 1/4, 3). /8). Hot-melt copper nuts Now if you want to purchase hot-melt copper nuts, Kehua will be your best choice. For more product parameters, you can contact us for consultation.
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