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Ningbo high-frequency heating machine is equipped with alarm systems such as water shortage, overcurrent and overvoltage

by:Kehua     2022-08-01
Ningbo high frequency heating machine is mainly used in the field of quenching and diathermy, involving quenching of shafts and quenching of hardware tools. This product has the advantages of easy operation, fast heating speed and low failure rate. If you are interested, you can follow Kehua. Let's learn about it together! Equipment features 1. Power saving: 30% less power than the tube type, 20% less than the thyristor intermediate frequency. 2. Stable performance: complete protection, no worries. This equipment is equipped with alarm systems such as water shortage, overcurrent, overheating, and overvoltage. 3. Fast heating speed: no oxide layer, small deformation of the workpiece. 4. Easy to install and operate. 5. The inductor is isolated by the transformer, which is safe. 6 Environmental protection: no pollution, noise and dust. 7. Widely used: It can heat all kinds of workpieces. 8. Low failure rate: The IGBT module of this equipment is provided by Siemens of Germany, and the electrolytic capacitor is provided by Samsung of Japan. All electronic components are strictly screened and tested to ensure stable operation of the equipment. 9. The latest control circuit of our company adopts phase-locked loop control and fully automatic tracking. It completely overturned the history that Ningbo high-frequency induction heating equipment could not be empty, and greatly improved the heating efficiency. The new protection function minimizes the failure rate of the equipment. Ningbo high-frequency heating machine 1. Ningbo high-frequency heating machine and Ningbo high-frequency welding equipment Application: 1. Ningbo high-frequency heating machine is used in the field of welding: welding of various diamond composite drill bits; various cemented carbide bits , Welding of saw blades; welding of various picks, drill bits, drill pipes, coal drill bits, air drill bits and other mining accessories. 2. Ningbo high-frequency heating machine is used in the field of quenching: quenching of various gears, sprockets, and shafts; quenching of machine tool bed guide rails in the machine tool industry; quenching of hardware tools. 3. Ningbo high-frequency heating machine is used in the field of diathermy: hot upsetting of various high-strength bolts and nuts; hot-rolled twist drill; diathermy forging of all parts within a diameter of 80. Second, the advantages of Ningbo high-frequency heating machine for metal brazing: 1. The induction heating speed is fast and the efficiency is high. 2. Energy saving and low cost. 3. Multiple workpieces can be welded at one time, which greatly improves the welding efficiency. 4. The oxidation area is small. 5. The heating is uniform, and there is no lack of soldering and missing solder joints. 6. The weld seam of the workpiece after welding is firm and full. Technical parameters: Model UZH-20KW, input voltage single-phase 220V, output oscillation power 20KVA, output oscillation frequency 30-100KHZ, maximum output power 20KVA, cooling water pressure flow 0.2Mpa, heating and holding current 100-1000A, duty cycle 80%, heating time 1-99s (automatic State) Holding time 1-99s (automatic state) Water temperature Ningbo high-frequency heating machine The above is the relevant introduction about Ningbo high-frequency heating machine. The product heats the workpiece very uniformly. The internal control circuit adopts phase-locked loop control. To ensure stable and reliable operation, if you want to know more information, please pay more attention to the Kehua website!
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