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painting kehua furnace cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-21
Painting, for a complete kehua furnace cooling equipment, is an essential step. Of course, this step can also be divided into painting primer, painting intermediate paint, and painting top paint. Today, the editor is going to introduce to you the brushing primer.
After the surface of the kehua furnace cooling tower has passed the treatment and acceptance, it needs to be painted with the prepared epoxy primer within 6 hours. Before the primer is painted, the surface of the cooling tower needs to be scrubbed with cotton yarn dipped in gasoline, and the sundries and floating dust on the surface of the cooling equipment should be cleaned. The effect of pinholes and no bubbles, the surface paint film of the cooling tower should be smooth, and the thickness and thickness requirements are the same. The thickness of the paint film is about 25-35um.
Especially in the corners, the yin and yang corners should be brushed again. When painting, the façade should be painted in a crisscross pattern, first up and then down, first left and then right, first difficult and then easy.
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