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Pin-sleeve quenching machine adopts clamping and rotating mechanism-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-24
The pin-sleeve quenching machine is mainly used for induction quenching of various shafts and pins. It is composed of a cooling device and an intermediate frequency power supply. It is very hot in the heating and quenching equipment industry. If you are interested, follow Kehua Xiaobian. Get up and understand! Pin sleeve quenching machine tool Pin sleeve quenching machine tool is used for induction hardening of various shafts, discs, pins, gears and other parts. At the same time and other quenching function. The pin sleeve quenching machine tool is mainly composed of three parts: quenching machine tool, intermediate frequency power supply (high frequency power supply, super audio frequency power supply, ultra high frequency power supply), and cooling device; among which the high frequency quenching machine tool is composed of the bed, the upper and lower clamping mechanism, the clamping rotation It consists of mechanism, quenching transformer and resonance tank circuit, cooling system, quenching liquid circulation system, electrical control system, etc. The quenching machine tools are generally single-station (double-station quenching machine tools can be used for small diameter workpieces); the quenching machine tools are structurally There are two types: vertical and horizontal. Users can choose quenching machine tools according to the quenching process. For special parts or special processes, special quenching machine tools can be designed and manufactured according to the heating process requirements. Now more and more industries use pin-sleeve quenching machine tools, more and more enter the induction heating quenching equipment industry, and more and more brands enter the Chinese market, such as the famous enterprise Zhengzhou Gaoshi Electromagnetic Induction Heating Equipment Co., Ltd., which is focused on Research and develop various series of induction hardening equipment and research heating solutions for industrial applications, provide the best products for global users, and bring the advantages of induction technology to the world's leading manufacturers and service companies. In the early 1930s, the United States and the Soviet Union began to apply the induction heating method to surface quenching of parts. With the development of industry, induction heating heat treatment technology will continue to improve, and the scope of application will continue to expand. Pin-sleeve quenching machine tool Performance characteristics of the machine tool 1. The pin-sleeve quenching machine tool has advanced performance, convenient debugging and use, and can meet the quenching needs of complex workpieces to the greatest extent. 2. Energy saving and power saving: The CNC quenching machine tool adopts IGBT international advanced components, which saves electricity, saves energy and reduces costs. The efficiency is 30%~40% higher than that of the old-fashioned thyristor IF. 3. Various quenching methods: continuous scanning quenching, simultaneous quenching, subsection continuous scanning quenching (sections are set by program, no travel switch is required), subsection simultaneous quenching, etc. can all be realized; 4. Strong adaptability: CNC quenching The machine tool is self-propelled, especially suitable for larger, heavier and longer guide rails: such as gantry milling, gantry planer, large lathe, etc. It is also suitable for quenching treatment of various machine tool surfaces and other machine tool accessories. Can heat a variety of workpieces. The above is the relevant introduction about the pin-sleeve quenching machine tool. This equipment has the advantages of advanced performance and convenient debugging and use. !
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