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Precautions for Piping of Square Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-21
1. The circulating water enters and exits the main pipe of the water pipe, preferably downward, to avoid drawing the main pipe high, and it cannot be higher than the main pipe of the sink below. 2. The pipe size of the square cooling equipment should be connected according to the size of the pipe at the bottom of the tower. Otherwise, if it is too small, it will affect the effect, and if it is too large, the material will be wasted. 3. The circulating water pump should be installed at a low level during normal operation, below the water level of the lower water tank. 4. When more than two square cooling towers are used together, and only one water pump is used, the water tank must be equipped with a cooling tower balance pipe, so that the water level of the two cooling towers used together is the same height. 5. Anti-vibration hoses (high-pressure rubber pipes, etc.) should be used at the inlet and outlet of the circulating water over 4 inches (10 cm) to prevent the tower body from vibrating due to the vibration of the pipeline. It can avoid the loss of water tank rupture due to improper piping. Lingyan is a manufacturer of square cooling towers and Kehua cooling towers, specializing in the production of cooling towers and water pumps, please feel free to call if necessary.​
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