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Precautions for switching kehua furnace cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-25
Today, the editor is going to share with you, what precautions are often taken for the opening and closing of the kehua furnace cooling tower. Please take a look below!
1. When turning on the cooling equipment of the kehua furnace, be sure to turn on its circulating water pump, and then turn on the fan after the circulating water enters the water collection tray.
2. After the kehua furnace cooling tower is turned on, the staff in it must always pay attention to the vibration of the circulating water of the equipment.
3. When closing the kehua furnace cooling equipment, be sure to turn off the circulating water pump first. Then turn off the fan of the kehua furnace cooling tower.
The three points mentioned above are the points that users need to pay attention to when opening and closing the kehua furnace cooling tower.
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