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Precautions for the use of heating pipe equipment How to use heating pipe equipment?

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
The heating tube equipment distributes high-temperature resistance wires evenly in the high-temperature-resistant stainless steel seamless tube, and densely fills the gap with crystalline magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation properties. When there is current passing through the high temperature resistance wire, the generated heat diffuses to the surface of the metal tube through the crystalline magnesium oxide powder, and then transfers to the heated part or the air to achieve the purpose of heating. In response to the current market demand, Kehua's investigation found that the main heating tube equipment has different materials of 304 and 316l for customers to choose! Currently, there are straight heating tubes, u-shaped heating tubes, w-shaped heating tubes, and spiral heaters. , Flanged heating pipe, special-shaped heater, flammable and explosive heating pipe, heavy oil heater and other products. Application of heating tube equipment: Choose the appropriate stirrer according to the physical properties, capacity and stirring purpose of different media. Sometimes if the space above the customer is not enough to place the motor and reducer, this type of reducer and the motor can be on the same plane, which can be used. Reduce the size of the space above. The stirring revolution is generally 800-1400r/min. how to use? 1. Configure the power of the electric heating tube according to the heating amount required by the equipment. 2. Determine the geometric size of the electric heating tube according to the needs of the equipment or the installation space. 3. Determine the electric heating tube and installation specifications according to the needs of the equipment or the installation space and possible installation methods. 4. According to the temperature control requirements required by the equipment, the equipment temperature control device. Reasons for leakage: 1. The ground wire is not properly connected; 2. The insulation of the electric heating tube is damaged (this may be the problem of the insulating magnesium oxide powder, or the insulation of the joint); 3. The electric heating tube is burned out and the cup is short-circuited; 4. Improper cleaning , the water touches the terminal of the stainless steel electric heating tube; 5. The circuit wire falls off and touches the cup body; 6. The electric heating socket or power plug is too dirty; 7. The water quality is too poor, and the water contamination is serious; Connect the ground wire as required and check whether it is correct; 2. If such an event occurs during inspection and repair, it is recommended to replace it; 3. The electric heating tube is damaged and replace the electric heating tube of the same specification; 4. Correctly clean and dry the stainless steel heating tube; 5. Check 6. Properly clean and dry; The heating tube equipment has become the choice of many consumers because of its good rapid heating function, which meets the functional requirements of the market. The above introduces the precautions for the use of heating tube equipment, and the next editor will introduce its main classification.
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