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Price, brand and manufacturer of high-quality copper rod quenching furnace

by:Kehua     2022-08-03
Everyone has heard of the copper rod quenching furnace. It generally appears in large factories, especially when smelting, quenching and other processes are required. Where can I buy a high-quality and energy-saving copper rod quenching furnace? Xiaobian can recommend a technology company called Guangzhou Kehua to everyone. Copper Rod Quenching Furnace Quenching Furnace The quenching furnace of Guangzhou Kehua Technology Co., Ltd. is a non-standard electric furnace specially designed according to user requirements. It is mainly used for heat treatment such as quenching and heating of various workpieces in the aluminum industry. Conditions of use 1. Indoor use. 2. The ambient temperature is in the range of -5℃-40℃. 3. The monthly average maximum relative humidity in the area of u200bu200buse is not more than 85%, and the monthly average temperature is not higher than 30 °C. 4. There is no conductive dust, explosive gas and corrosive gas that can seriously damage metal and insulation around. 5. No obvious vibration and bumps. Brief introduction of structure The furnace is composed of furnace body, furnace door, heating element, ventilation mechanism and control system. The furnace body is welded by section steel and steel plate, and the inner wall of the furnace lining is connected with the furnace shell by stainless steel plate. The furnace door is designed at the lower part of the furnace body, which means that the workpiece enters or exits from the bottom. The lower opening of the furnace body is opened, and the opening and closing of the furnace door adopts the method of mechanical transmission, which is completed by the motor, the reduction box, the sprocket, the chain, the rail and so on. The heating element is made of high-resistance alloy resistance strips, which are arranged on both sides of the inner tank through special hooks and are insulated from the inner tank. The ventilator is composed of a blower and an air deflector. The blower motor is electrically interlocked with the heating element. The heating element can be energized only when the blower is turned on, which ensures that the heating element can work under the condition of ventilation and circulation. The charging basket and the feeding and discharging car are welded by section steel, and the horizontal center of gravity is adjusted to move up and down. The electric furnace is equipped with a feeding basket and a feeding car to ensure that the user can work in time. When feeding, the material basket is mounted on the trolley, pulled out and pushed forward. When entering the lower part of the furnace body, the furnace door is opened and the hoisting machine works, hooking the chain, hoisting the charging basket into the furnace, and closing the furnace door for heating. When discharging, open the furnace door, turn the hoist, put the charging basket into the pool for quenching treatment, then lift the basket out of the water and place it on the plane of the trolley, the chain is decoupled, the hoist is lifted, and the trolley is pulled out. Carry out aging treatment. There is a pool at the lower part of the furnace body, so that the workpiece can enter the pool for quenching treatment in a short time. The control part adopts thyristor, digital display meter (see the picture on the right), etc. for temperature control and alarm. The electric furnace is equipped with a limit switch on the furnace door opening and closing mechanism and the charging lifting mechanism. This switch is connected with the power supply of the control cabinet. When the workpiece rises to the highest point, the furnace door opening and closing power supply is connected, and the power supply of the heating element is connected. When the furnace door is opened, the power supply of the heating element is cut off, and the power supply of the lifting mechanism is turned on, so that the workpiece is lowered for water quenching. Copper Rod Quenching Furnace I believe everyone already knows about the copper rod quenching furnace. If there is a need to buy it, you can choose the Kehua company recommended by the editor at the beginning of the article, and the product quality is guaranteed.
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