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Product classification introduction of Jiangsu quenching furnace

by:Kehua     2022-07-29
The quenching furnace is something we rarely see. It is mainly used for quenching and heating in our aluminum industry. Quenching furnaces have different choices according to different situations. Kehua introduces the classification of quenching furnaces in Jiangsu for our customers. Jiangsu Quenching Furnace Continuous Atmosphere Protection Quenching Furnace Continuous Atmosphere Protection Quenching Furnace is used to control the atmosphere of small and medium mechanical parts such as springs, spring washers, standard parts, bearings, self-tapping screws, transmission chains, auto parts, hardware, knitting devices, etc. Carburizing, carbonitriding, quenching and other heat treatment processes are carried out. The furnace body frame is composed of a box body and a bracket, all of which are made of high-quality section steel and steel plate by welding. In order to facilitate the operator to overhaul or clean the furnace, the furnace is designed as a split structure with upper and lower parts, and the upper furnace cover can be removed. The hearth of the mesh-belt quenching furnace adopts an all-fiber composite structure with excellent heat preservation performance. Aluminum silicate fiber felt is used on both sides of the furnace hearth and on the top of the furnace, which can be disassembled and assembled with the furnace cover as a whole. %above. Mesh belt quenching furnace heating element: The heating element is wound with high-quality resistance wire, inserted into the furnace from one side of the furnace body horizontally, and arranged above and below the furnace tube. The heating element is reliable to use, easy to maintain, and can be replaced without stopping the furnace when needed. Trolley type quenching furnace high temperature overturning trolley furnace The trolley type quenching furnace (quenching and tempering furnace) is mainly used for quenching, annealing, aging and Heat treatment of various mechanical parts. The trolley-type quenching furnace is a periodic operation furnace. The difference between it and the general trolley furnace is that the movable trolley can also be tilted. Before heating, the trolley is charged outside the furnace, and the workpiece to be heated is placed on the furnace floor of the trolley or on the special pad iron by the crane, and then the trolley is sent into the furnace by the chain transmission mechanism for heating. The electric mechanism pulls the trolley out of the furnace, and then starts the tilting device to unload the material, and the mechanism can turn the trolley over 45 degrees. Quickly pour the work into the side quenching pool to quench. No basic installation is required, and it can be used on a level ground. Pit quenching furnace Pit quenching (quenching and tempering) furnace is widely used for quenching treatment of various rods, long shafts and parts that require surface wear such as gears, rolls, etc. The well-type quenching (quenching and tempering) furnace is a metal heat treatment process in which the metal workpiece is heated to an appropriate temperature and kept for a period of time, and then immersed in the quenching medium for rapid cooling. Commonly used quenching media are brine, water, mineral oil, air, etc. The outer shell of the furnace body is welded into a frame structure by section steel and steel plate. Furnace lining: It can be of ordinary or full fiber structure, and the furnace mouth adopts the furnace mouth guard ring, the purpose is to use the hook to hook the workpiece frame and protect the furnace mouth from being damaged by the workpiece, so that the heat is not lost, thus ensuring the uniformity of the furnace temperature. Box-type quenching furnace Box-type mold quenching furnace This product is mainly used for less and no oxidation heating of molds and workpieces, and the maximum operating temperature is 1200 °C. There is no furnace tank in the furnace, and a protective atmosphere needs to be filled into the furnace during operation to achieve the effect of less oxidation and heating. Its biggest advantage is that when heating workpieces such as molds, it is not necessary to use stainless steel furnace gallbladder, iron sheet or charcoal for protection. You can choose to directly introduce a degrading gas such as nitrogen, hydrogen or drip methanol. So that the workpiece will not produce oxidative decarburization. So that the quenching quality can be guaranteed. Jiangsu Quenching Furnace After passing the classification of Jiangsu Quenching Furnace introduced by Kehua, do you have any choice in your heart? If you are satisfied with our article, please pay more attention, we will push more content you like.
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