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Reasons and Repair Methods for Leakage of Circular Cooling Tower Chassis

by:Kehua     2022-09-30
Part of the chassis leakage is due to the occurrence of trachoma in the production process of FRP. After a period of use, the trachoma has become the main channel for water leakage. 1. Preparation before lamination: The lamination place must adhere to the mixing of resin and hardener without dust and moisture: 1 kg of each mixing amount is suitable, do not exceed 2 kg, and use it again after use, the proportion is 1 kg of resin , with 10cc hardener. 2. Lamination method: first use a brush to apply the blended resin, then paste the glass fiber, and then apply the resin, mainly two to three times. 3. Matters needing attention: It takes 6 hours to use the fitting place, and no pressure or trampling is allowed. Glass fiber should not be wet before use. If it is wet, it must be dried before use. Lingyan is a square cooling equipment manufacturer, Kehua cooling equipment manufacturer and cooling equipment manufacturer, specializing in the production of circular cooling towers, square cooling towers and water pumps. Beautiful and durable.
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