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Reasons and Solutions for High Outlet Water Temperature of Lingyan Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-18
The cooling tower is to use water and air to exchange heat and cold to generate steam, and the steam volatilizes and dissipates heat, so as to achieve the cooling effect and increase the purpose of water recycling. The following cooling tower manufacturers will tell you about the high temperature of the outlet water of Lingyan cooling tower. Reasons and solutions: Analysis of the reasons for the high outlet water temperature of Lingyan cooling tower: 1. The cooling tower is not selected correctly, or the valve is too large, resulting in excessive circulating water; 2. Part of the water outlet holes of the water distribution pipe are blocked, resulting in biased flow; 3. Cooling The rotation speed of the tower fan is low, or the ventilation duct is blocked, resulting in insufficient ventilation; 4. Partial blockage of the packing causes high temperature; 5. The outdoor wet bulb temperature is too high. The solution for the high outlet water temperature of Lingyan cooling equipment: 1. Adjust the valve to the appropriate water volume, or replace the cooling tower with matching capacity; 2. Clean the blockage in the water distribution pipe; 3. Adjust the fan size or increase the fan speed, and clean the ventilation duct ; 4. Clean the packing blockage, or transform the structure of the cooling tower water-spraying packing; 5. Reduce the amount of cooling water.
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