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Reasons for Burnout of Circulating Water Pump Motor of Circular Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-30
Do you know what are the reasons for the burnout of the circular cooling tower circulating water pump motor? The following cooling tower manufacturers will introduce them to you. The start of the circular cooling tower with load can cause damage to the pump motor: the actual head is too much lower than the head of the pump nameplate, and the submersible pump works for too long without water. The head of the centrifugal pump of the circular cooling tower is used to overcome the height and resistance. When the pump with a high head works at the high head point, its flow rate is the flow rate of the design point. If it works at a low head, it is equivalent to the cooling equipment of the cooling tower factory. The outlet resistance of the pump is reduced, and the flow rate of the centrifugal pump will increase at this time, and the cooling tower water pump motor will be overloaded, and the water pump motor will be burned to a certain extent. For example, the head of a circular cooling equipment feed pump in a cooling tower factory is 50 meters and the flow rate is 50 cubic meters per hour. When it feeds water to a height of 50 meters, its flow rate is 50 cubic meters per hour. When the water is supplied at a height of 40 meters, its height and resistance reduce its flow rate may reach 80-90 cubic meters per hour or more, then the pump motor will heat up or burn out.
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