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Reasons for the heat transfer performance of FRP cooling towers

by:Kehua     2022-09-20
FRP cooling tower is composed of cooling equipment body, fan assembly, motor assembly, deep water pan, water splash device, water distribution device, piping system, bracket, connecting fasteners, sealing gaskets and all necessary parts among the supplied parts. and material composition. The heat transfer performance depends on the heat sink and fan components. The heat sink is determined by the shape and height of the heat sink. When installing the water tower, try not to damage the heat sink to avoid poor water flow. The fan accelerates the heat exchange between air and water and takes away the heat, which directly affects the shape of the fan blade, that is, the width and length of the fan blade, its own deflection angle, the speed of the fan blade, the installation angle, the speed and the motor and transmission ratio. In addition, in the case of a certain air volume, the same type of tower, the cooling effect is better with a small amount of cooling water than a large amount of cooling water. We Kehua cooling tower manufacturers have been selling cooling towers and water pumps, welcome to order if necessary.
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