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Reasons for water temperature rise in glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-20
Do you know what is the reason for the heating of the water in the FRP cooling equipment? The following cooling equipment manufacturers will introduce to you. The main reason for the upward temperature rise in the FRP cooling tower is that the water point contacts the atmosphere in the process of filling, resulting in the phenomenon of heat transfer. In the process of heat transfer, qualitative intervention will produce qualitative transfer, which constitutes a decrease in temperature. ; And this kind of qualitative information is gradually dispersed into the atmosphere, which will reduce the temperature of the atmosphere and the temperature of the entire space. The role of the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower is needless to say, it is an important device for heat dissipation, the device can spray the circulating water on the glass fiber filler by spraying, so that the filler has a larger contact area, and through The contact between process water and air is a direct (open circuit) and direct (closed circuit) cooling device. In fact, the direct heat dissipation device is a device with a sealed structure, so as to achieve the effect of heat exchange. In addition, the fan in the FRP cooling tower will mobilize the airflow in the tower to bring out the hot air after heat exchange with water, so as to reach the cool down.
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