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Reduce drift of kehua furnace cooling tower collectors

by:Kehua     2022-10-02
In order to reduce the chance of drift in the work of the kehua furnace cooling equipment collector, the first thing to do is to improve the collector air duct horizontally and avoid direct air ducts, which not only ensures the atomization effect, but also effectively reduces the number of passing through the collector. The amount of water sprayed by the heater. Secondly, it is necessary to adjust and change the spray direction and angle of the atomizer to reduce the occurrence of the upper water spray passing through the water collector. Then, try to increase the installation height of the water collector, reset the foundation support if necessary, and raise the upper tower body of the air inlet. In addition, a stainless steel baffle is provided in the intake section of the water collecting bucket, and the cylinder body part of the water collecting bucket is closely connected with the lower part of the baffle plate. The height of the baffle will depend on the specific conditions of the kehua furnace cooling equipment and the water splash resistance.
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