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Relevant safe operation of intermediate frequency furnace equipment-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-08-05
The intermediate frequency furnace is the full name of the intermediate frequency induction furnace. Friends who are engaged in the metal smelting industry must be very familiar with it, because it is something they have to come into contact with every day. Kehua collected information about the safety operation of intermediate frequency furnace equipment by consulting online materials. Intermediate frequency furnace equipment 1. Precautions before opening the furnace The intermediate frequency electric furnace must check the electrical equipment, water cooling system, inductor copper tube, etc. before opening the furnace. Only when these equipments are in good condition can the furnace be opened to ensure that The safety of heat treatment, otherwise it is forbidden to open the furnace; determine the person responsible for power transmission and furnace opening, and the person in charge shall not leave the post without authorization, and the external conditions of the inductor and the crucible must be supervised during the work to prevent someone from sending electricity after the power is turned on. Touching the sensor and cable will affect the normal operation of the intermediate frequency electric furnace or cause a safety accident. 2. Precautions after opening the furnace After the intermediate frequency electric furnace is opened, when charging, the charge should be checked to avoid mixing inflammable and explosive and other harmful substances. In order to prevent the phenomenon of capping, it is strictly forbidden to directly add cold material and wet material to the molten steel, and do not add large blocks after the molten liquid is filled to the upper part; in order to avoid explosion accidents, it is necessary to ensure that the pouring site and furnace There is no stagnant water and no obstacles in the front pit; two people are required to cooperate with each other when pouring, and the remaining molten steel can only be poured at the designated location, and cannot be poured everywhere. 3. Precautions for maintenance When maintaining the intermediate frequency electric furnace, the interior of the intermediate frequency generator room should be kept clean, and the stacking of inflammable and explosive items is strictly prohibited. Repair the furnace with excessive melting damage in time, avoid mixing iron filings and iron oxides when repairing the furnace, and ensure the compactness of the crucible. Intermediate frequency furnace equipment No matter what industry your friends are in or what they are engaged in, safety is the most important thing. The above-mentioned safety operation of intermediate frequency furnace equipment must be memorized, and Kehua's hard work in collecting information is not worth it.
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