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Roll quenching furnace and tempering furnace are welded by angle steel and steel plate-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-26
Roll quenching furnace and tempering furnace are mainly used in high-chromium roll quenching and heat treatment of various mechanical parts. Its internal structure is welded by angle steel and steel plate. It has a built-in over-temperature protection device. Let's get to know it together! Uses: Box-type series industrial electric furnace, mainly used for high chromium, high manganese steel casting roll quenching, annealing, tempering, aging and other heat treatment, as well as gray cast iron, ductile iron, rolls, steel balls, Crusher hammer, wear-resistant lining roll quenching, normalizing, tempering, annealing, aging and heat treatment of various mechanical parts. Roller quenching furnace tempering furnace structure introduction: RX3 series box-type resistance furnace, the furnace shell is welded by angle steel and steel plate, the furnace lining is made of 0.6g/cm3 microbead ultra-light energy-saving refractory bricks, and the shell and the furnace lining are made of Aluminum silicate fiber and expanded vermiculite powder insulation material are used, which is a typical energy-saving furnace lining structure. The heating element is made of high temperature resistant electric heating alloy wire, which is installed on the two walls of the furnace and the bricks at the bottom of the furnace. The heating workpiece is placed on the bottom of the heat-resistant steel furnace in the furnace. There is a thermocouple hole on the top of the furnace. When in use, the thermocouple is inserted into the furnace, and the furnace temperature and over-temperature protection are controlled through the temperature control cabinet. The control cabinet can be divided into position control and thyristor control. Users can design them for you according to their own needs. The trolley-type aluminum alloy roll quenching furnace is composed of a heating furnace cover and a mobile trolley. The hot air circulation furnace is remodeled according to the needs of aluminum alloy heat treatment. The mobile trolley is made of integral castings. The entire car body enters the heating cover, and its temperature uniformity is required to be within 5 °C. 30%, the exclusive production adopts composite high-alumina porcelain nail group, integrated rail. Roll quenching furnace and tempering furnace The above is the relevant introduction about the roll quenching furnace and tempering furnace. This equipment adopts a typical furnace lining structure and has the characteristics of high stability. Its furnace door is heated by manual shaking. For more information, please pay more attention to the Kehua website!
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