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Round steel diathermy forging equipment-Dachang has stable and reliable quality-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
The components used in our company's round steel diathermy forging equipment are purchased from all over the world, with stable and reliable quality. The main features are reflected in its ultra-audio heating and fast speed and other aspects. The most important thing is that it is very environmentally friendly. If you are interested, you can Let’s learn about it with Kehua Xiaobian! The advantages of round steel diathermy forging equipment for round steel fasteners | Spend. It saves 20%-30% power than thyristor intermediate frequency. 2. It will not bring pollution to the grid side, the transformer will not heat up, the compensation capacitor of the power station will not heat up, and it will not interfere with the work of other equipment. 3. Power-saving power supply transformer capacity: IGW-300, intermediate frequency: 315KVA power supply transformer can work. And the thyristor intermediate frequency 315KVA transformer can not work, serious heat, or even burned. 4. Good startup performance, 100% startup. Global procurement of original components, using world-renowned brands, stable and reliable quality round steel diathermy forging equipment, round steel fasteners, round steel diathermy forging equipment | scaffolding fasteners, round steel diathermy forging equipment maintain. 2. Provide technical support in an all-round way, and provide induction heaters according to customer requirements 3. Deliver to your door, free installation and commissioning, and can be equipped with cooling systems according to customer requirements. The main features of round steel diathermy forging and diathermy forging equipment: 1. It is used for heating various carbon steel, iron and other bars; 2. Ultrasonic heating of bars below Φ45 is more diathermic, more uniform and faster; 3 , Ultra-small size, movable, covers an area of u200bu200bonly 2 square meters, easy to use with any forging and rolling equipment; 4. Installation, commissioning and operation are very convenient, and you can learn it as soon as you learn it; Heating to the required temperature in a short time, greatly reducing metal oxidation, saving material and improving forging quality; 6. 24-hour uninterrupted work; 7. Automatic feeding; 8. Power saving, environmental protection, cost reduction and labor expenditure; 9. It is convenient to replace the sensor to meet the different requirements of the overall heating or end heating of the bar; 10. The use of super-audio induction heating power supply, which is completely different from the traditional medium frequency power supply; such as the diameter of the bar above 50, can be produced by our company. IGBT energy-saving induction heating medium frequency. The main features of IGBT intermediate frequency are the use of IGBT devices, the use of high-efficiency combined resonance technology, the use of low-inductance circuit arrangements, the use of large-scale digital circuits, and the use of more complete and mature protection technologies. Round steel diathermy forging equipment The above is the relevant introduction about round steel diathermy forging equipment. Our product equipment is very power-saving. It saves about 30% of electricity than traditional thyristors. I want to know more Please pay more attention to the Kehua website for more information!
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