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Second-hand high-frequency quenching equipment adopts imported standard control chassis

by:Kehua     2022-08-04
The main configuration performance of second-hand high-frequency quenching equipment is very good. This product adopts imported standard control chassis, and the control panel will also have a fault display. When it exceeds a certain range, it will prompt the operator that the power of the equipment can be adjusted. The tuning range is about 10-100. Control system 1. Advanced control system, automatic tracking of inverter frequency, good load adaptability, can meet the heating requirements of different types and specifications of workpieces, and the adjustment and quenching process is simple. 2. The imported standard control box is adopted, and the control panel is equipped with a fault display. 3. Using digital display instrument, the reading is accurate and intuitive. 4. The power adjustment range is 10%~100%. 5. The main components IGBT are products from Germany, Japan and other countries, and the integrated circuits and fast diodes are products from developed countries in Europe and America. 6. The equipment has the function of preventing water leakage, and the main components are equipped with temperature sensors with over-temperature protection function. 7. The equipment has beautiful appearance, reasonable structure and convenient maintenance. 8. The output is connected by a flexible flexible cable, which has greater flexibility. 9. The output transformer has a two-dimensional or three-dimensional adjustment function, which makes the adjustment of the mutual position of the inductor and the workpiece extremely convenient. 10. For batch, single, online processing workpieces, it is the best choice for energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection. Information provided by Kehua. Second-hand high frequency quenching equipment Main configuration and performance 1. High frequency voltage regulation adopts modular, phase-locked loop digital pulse trigger circuit, with soft start and anode voltage regulation functions. Three-phase unbalance is less than 0.5% 2. The main circuit adopts thyristor module components, which are not water-proof, small in size and high in reliability. 3. The filament power supply adopts a magnetic saturation voltage constant, which has high reliability. 4. The filament and grid are air-cooled5. .Dry-type rectifier transformer is used, and the high-voltage rectifier part adopts LCπ-type filter. 6. The tank circuit adopts special technology, so that the capacitor is not easy to be damaged after long-term continuous operation. Quenching equipment The above is the relevant introduction about second-hand high-frequency quenching equipment. When using high-frequency voltage regulation, this product can use the phase-locked loop digital pulse mode to trigger the voltage-stabilizing function. If you want to know more information, please pay more attention to the Kehua website. !
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